October 2014 Newsletter

Village started off this month with a real “bang”… our “Shooting for Victory” fundraiser was a real success with great weather, great participants and it raised great funds for our campaign coffers. It could not have been the success that it was but for the outstanding energy and leadership of our 3rd Vice President – Ways and Means: the incomparable Buffie Ingersoll. She and her event committee did an outstanding job of taking care of all of the details in pulling...
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September 2014 Newsletter

I do hope everyone had a restful summer and that you are reinvigorated and ready to get to work for November. There is much to do, both in Texas and nationally, to reverse the course of destruction upon which the current administration is set. We can all rest in December. But do not, for a moment, think that taking control of the Senate means our job is over; indeed it is just the beginning. We will blink and find ourselves in...
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May 2014 Newsletter

The History of Time… or How Conservatives Came to Be Once upon a time, millions of years ago, humans existed in small pods of nomadic hunter-gatherers.  They wandered the land following food and good weather. Until, one day, some of the women folk went out in search of something a little lighter to eat than the hairy boar that always seemed to end up in the fire at the end of the day.  Lo and behold, they discovered grapes. This discovery led to...
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April 2014 Newsletter

A strange thing happened to me last week while in a cab. I was fighting waves of nausea as I listened to the DC drivel that was emanating from the cab’s speakers… complete garbage about that tired, yet somehow still effective, lie that Obama keeps spewing about “income equality”. I looked out the window in time to notice we were near the Lincoln Memorial and I remembered his famous words about a house that is divided against itself...
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March 2014 Newsletter

By the time this newsletter reaches you we will have seen, and hopefully lived through, the end of the most raucous, double-down dirty primary season that I have experienced in a long, long time. All I can say is, “Thank goodness it’s over”.    I hope everyone had a chance to celebrate victory for their candidates.  But even if our favorite lost in the primary, now is the time to put away our disappointment and work towards getting our candidates elected in...
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February 2014 Newsletter

We are just weeks away from the Primary election, and only days away from the start of early voting.  By now your mailboxes are being flooded with political mailers, pieces that are designed to look like mail ballots and slate endorsements disguised as magazines or other non-political literature. Remember our mantra:  Get Informed. Get Involved. Let me add: Be discriminating. Your vote is valuable; be discriminating if you consider using someone else’s guide when you go into the voting booth.  It is well...
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Events & Meetings

VRW September 2024 Monthly Meeting

September 27
Houston 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m Houston Racquet Club More Info