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Caring for America Project

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The Greater Houston Metropolitan area has a very high number of homeless pets needing homes. And, unfortunately, there are not enough homes for all these animals in Houston. The good news is that there are other parts of the US where there is a pet shortage. Rescued Pet Movement is an organization that steps in to help fill this gap by rescuing pets from local shelters and giving them the care and medical attention they need and then transporting them to other states where they will be adopted into a forever home.

Caring For America RPM project March 2024


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Help us fill our campaign purse so we can provide support in getting all Republicans elected and keeping Texas Red. All donations will go towards our fundraising campaign for membership education, campaign support activities, civic engagement, and outreach.



Events & Meetings

VRW May 2024 Monthly Meeting

May 22
Houston 11 AM to 1 PM Houston Racquet Club More Info

VRW September 2024 Monthly Meeting

September 27
Houston 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m Houston Racquet Club More Info