Peggy Venable to Speak at September Meeting


Peggy Venable - Americans for ProsperityPeggy Venable of Americans for Prosperity will be our speaker at the September 26 meeting.

Since 2003 Peggy Venable has been the Texas Director for Americans for Prosperity. A native Texan, Peggy has worked in government, in the political arena and in the private sector for over 30 years.

As a senior staff member at the RNC, Peggy directed the Republican National Convention in 1984. She was White House Liaison for three cabinet secretaries and has spent 15 years in Washington D.C. working for three Administrations.

Peggy’s major public policy areas are education, natural resources, energy and transportation.

You may have heard Peggy on radio or TV as she has guest hosted for syndicated talk shows around Texas and appears regularly as a guest. Her opinion pieces have appeared in leading publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

“My focus is to get more citizens involved in public policy and to put taxpayers in control of government — voters should be able to determine how much government we want and are willing to pay for. Government should be transparent and accountable to citizens.”


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