Member of the Month — Terry Peterson


terry-petersonCongratulations to Terry Peterson, Member of the Month for October. Terry Peterson was raised in the coastal city of Gulfport, Mississippi. She was the last of ten children composed of “yours, mine and ours.” Her parents instilled Republican conservative values into her blood. Terry’s mother, who was related to Mississippi Republican Governor Ross Barnett, set the example of political involvement when she worked the polls on election days.

Terry has been married to Les, a staunch Republican, for 45 years. They have one daughter, Jill and a terrific son-in-law, Sam.

Terry joined VRW 17 years ago when VRW member, Vivian Campbell (now deceased), invited her to visit a Republican women’s club. Vivian referred to her as “new blood.” She was immediately recruited to collect donated books from VRW members for the Barbara Bush “Reading is Fundamental” program. Terry coordinated VRW volunteers to read to children at Valley Oaks Elementary School.

She has block walked with Congressman John Culberson, called voters, and participated with mail out efforts along side beloved VRW member, Vera Carhart (now deceased) of “Grassroots Women.”

Terry’s most memorable service has been the many years that she served as photographer, historian and created VRW’s photo albums. Her camera has captured the many faces of VRW members and those political figures that have shaped the political landscape of our beautiful state of Texas as well as those who represent our state on the national level.


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