May 27 Republican Primary Runoff


Tuesday, May 27th is the date for the Republican Primary run-off election.  Early voting will occur May 19-23.  These elections will determine the candidates for many of our state-wide and local offices that will be on the ballot in November.  In the March primary election, less than 7% of registered voters in Harris County turned out to vote in the Republican primary, and only 3% voted in the Democratic primary.  These numbers will be lower for the run-offs.  The following are the offices/candidates that will appear on the Republican ballot:

  • Statewide Republican Runoffs:
    • Lt. Gov. – David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick
    • Attorney General – Dan Branch and Ken Paxton
    • Ag. Commissioner – Tommy Merritt and Sid Miller
    • Railroad Commissioner – Wayne Christian and Ryan Sitton
  • Houston Area Republican Runoffs:
    • US Rep., Dist. 36 – Brian Babin and Ben Streusand
    • State Rep., HD 129 (Clear Lake) – Sheryl Berg and Dennis Paul
    • State Rep., HD 132 (Katy/CyFair) – Ann Hodge and Mike Schofield
    • District Judge, 247th – John Schmude and M.L. Meca Walker
    • Judge, County Criminal Court #10 – Tonya McLaughlin and Dan Spjut

JOP, Precinct 4, Place 2 – Laryssa Korduba and Louis Guthrie


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