May 2019 Newsletter

Legislative Day turned out to be a fun day for all of us!  We were recognized by the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate before attending the TFRW Luncheon where Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chair of the RNC, spoke to the large crowd.  That afternoon, we enjoyed a tour of the Texas Supreme Court conducted by Justice Eva Guzman before boarding our bus for the trip back to Houston.  There were several new attendees on our bus who were very excited to be there for their first visit and see the Legislature in action.  Glad to have everyone with us.

Are you keeping up with the activity in our State Legislature lately, there’s some really interesting happenings going on.  Just go to or or  and see what bills are passing or not passing.  We only have about 2 weeks before the end of the regular session and there is always the chance of an extended session, but check it out.

While you are on the internet, check out this website listing the President’s accomplishments – This site mentions 14 different areas where he has been extremely successful since he took over as President.  As you go through, click on each individual area and you’ll see a very comprehensive list of what has already been accomplished.  Share this with anyone you know who has questions about what he is doing.

Be at our next meeting to hear Freddie Warner, Director of Government Affairs of Memorial Health Care System.  He knows everything about Health Care in the U.S. and what we can expect in the future.  A very engaging speaker with answers to all your questions.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday and we will see you on May 22.

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