March 2019 Newsletter

TO ALL OUR REPUBLICAN FRIENDS:  ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE… everywhere you go; Grocery, Pharmacy, Church, anywhere you are around people, talk to them about their values, family goals, personal wants etc. and let them know that Republicans have their backs – we want the same things for ourselves as well as them and we are willing to work at the grassroots level to achieve it for all of us.  Try to bring them to our meetings so they can see what it’s like for other like minded Republicans… we want them, we need to let them know what the truth really is!!!

Our Harris County Chair, Paul Simpson has invited us to join him and our Governor, Greg Abbott, who is the Guest Speaker for the 2019 Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner, March 27, 2019.  This year it is being held at the Omni Houston Hotel, 2 Riverway, Houston.   See newsletter for RSVP instructions.

April 25, 2019 brings us TFRW Legislative Day in Austin when all Republican Women in Texas, dressed in Red, are recognized in both sessions of the Legislature.  It is very exciting to see all of us in the Gallery as we are noticed by the entire audience.  VRW has reserved a ‘free’ bus to take all who are interested in going for the day, and attend the TFRW Luncheon.  See the newsletter for RSVP instructions.  This year the featured luncheon speaker is Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chair of the RNC.  All in all, a very fun day!!!!

Our Membership Meeting is March 27, this is also the last day to join VRW and have your name printed in the 2019 directory.  Also our speaker is Besa Martin, an active participant of TFRW for many years.  She will be speaking on THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE  and why it is so important to keep it for our elections.  Come find out what it means to our Republic.

So, go to the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner, join VRW on Membership Day or before and join us for Legislative Day.  There is a lot for you to be involved in.

We WANT you to join if you have not already renewed or joined and we are hoping to see you March 27.

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