Judge Ed Emmett to Speak at November Meeting


Judge Ed EmmettNovember’s speaker, Judge Ed Emmett is in charge of one of the largest counties in America.  In addition to working alongside the four county commissioners in running Harris County, Judge Emmett is also Chairman of Victory 2012 and, as such, instrumental in getting the Romney/Ryan ticket elected in November.

Ed Emmett is used to tackling big jobs.  A four term Harris County State Representative, US Interstate Commerce Commissioner under President George H.W. Bush and Harris County Judge since 2007, Ed Emmett knows how to rise to any challenge.

Recognized internationally as an expert on transportation policy, Judge Emmett has not shied away from tackling such local issues as crime, juvenile probation and flooding, just to name a few.  No wonder he seems to be just the man to keep Harris County moving forward!

So, join us on November 28 as Judge Emmett explains the proper role of county government in the big picture of regional politics.  And with any luck at all, we may even get to hear what it was like to be at the center of Victory 2012.  See you there!
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