January Meeting – Don Jans


Don JansDon Jans is a renowned speaker and author who teaches through his vast knowledge of history the dangers we face in America today. A lifelong student of European and Russian history, Don Jans will share his research as it relates to Barack Obama’s ideals of “fundamental transformation.” History reveals that Karl Marx advocated the necessity of a “fundamental transformation.” Marx’s writings illustrate what policies are necessary to bring about “fundamental transformation” that will result in his version of a so-called fair and equitable society.

In his simple and straight forward style, Don outlines the policies advocated by Karl Marx. He does not preach, but provides you with the facts to determine if the “fundamental transformation” being imposed on us by Barack Obama, and the Democrats, are the same “fundamental transformations” promoted by Karl Marx in the 1800’s.

Don does not tell you how to think, he is just the messenger. He leaves it up to you to decide for yourself by providing information that is not myth or innuendo, but strait forward fact. His concentrated 40 year study of European history, with an emphasis on Russian history, led Don to study Karl Marx and Marxism. A popular speaker on Marxism, he has published articles on the topic and has been a guest on many regional and national media broadcasts. Don will have copies of his first book, “My Grandchildren’s America” and his brand new release, “Goodbye Constitution, Freedom, America” for signing. They make great gifts.

You can visit his website at: www.mygrandchildrensamerica.com

~ Joanie Bain, Programs





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