April 2014 Newsletter

A strange thing happened to me last week while in a cab. I was fighting waves of nausea as I listened to the DC drivel that was emanating from the cab’s speakers… complete garbage about that tired, yet somehow still effective, lie that Obama keeps spewing about “income equality”. I looked out the window in time to notice we were near the Lincoln Memorial and I remembered his famous words about a house that is divided against itself cannot stand.

We are not, despite the President’s continual efforts to persuade us of the contrary, a country divided by wealth or possessions. We are, in my humble opinion, not a country of “have and have nots” as he would like everyone to believe, but rather we are a nation of “do and do nots”.

Some of us “do”: we get an education, we work hard, we start businesses, we pay our taxes, we volunteer for the armed services, we save for retirement, we give to our faith communities and we help out our neighbors. We have good lives; that is our reward.

Too many of us “do not”: don’t finish school, don’t work, don’t pay taxes, don’t earn enough to pay our own grocery bills, don’t pay for our own cell phones or children’s needs and especially don’t care that someone else is working twice or three times as hard to pay for the programs that supplement those that do not ever care to be a contributing part of our society.

Don’t mistake my ire; I am not upset about folks who are temporarily down on their luck. Indeed, they are our responsibility. To those people, I will be the first to offer a hand up; this is a uniquely American ethos of which I am proud. What I am talking about are those who expect a hand out. Forever.

My grandmother used to say that you get out of life what you put into it. It seems that Obama has never heard that message. In his ideal world successful people are to be punished as villains and the result of their work is to be confiscated as the reward for those who choose to fail. Where is the outrage over the inequity of effort in this country?

Make no mistake; a lifetime of being a “do not” is a choice, it IS a failure. Allowing a President to continue to push a vision of a Marxist society that has never succeeded, anywhere, is the failing of the electorate. The perpetuation of this sorry state is a failure of our elected leadership. All of them.

It is up to us, the “doers” of society, to rise up and say ENOUGH. This land is your land, this land is my land. This is NOT the land of Obama or anyone else that wishes to divide us. If there is any hope of saving the great American Dream for our children, we must unite to change things. And we can, in November. We simply must.

Before I exited that cab, Lincoln’s famous words spun my brain down another path as well, but I’ll save that for another time.

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