April 2020 Newsletter

The last couple of weeks have stretched the limits of my imagination. Never could I have imagined what has happened before our very eyes. All of this COVID-19 business has unfolded so quickly that I think it’s absolutely appropriate to catch our breath and decide our next steps.
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March 2020 Newsletter

As we prepare for the November elections, there are many things that each of us can and must do in Harris County if we are to win back any of the seats that were lost thanks to Robert Francis and the blue wave.
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February 2020 Newsletter

Our February meeting is one you will NOT want to miss- we will host a forum for both men who want to lead the Republican Party of Texas for the next two years- two very critical election years.
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January 2020 Newsletter

Join Village Republican Women for our first meeting of the new year, and gear up for 2020. Favorite local son and 47-year veteran of Texas politics, Steve Minister, will bring us good cheer and strategy as we gear up for what very well may be the political year of our lifetime.
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Events & Meetings

VRW September 2024 Monthly Meeting

September 27
Houston 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m Houston Racquet Club More Info