December 2020 Newsletter

I’ll start with some good news—The year 2020 is coming to its end. Thank God! 2020 has been a year like no other. Despite how bad it has been, there were good things about 2020. There were things we can be thankful for and celebrate.
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November 2020 Newsletter

November is the month of elections, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving. Times are tough, no doubt. Let me tell you something, though. I am grateful. I am grateful that in our wonderful country, we Americans have the right to exercise our vote and choose our future. This year, unlike any other year, the choice is crystal clear. We Republicans know that. The most critical component for us Republicans is to GOTV! The outcome of the election all the way from the top of the ballot to the bottom will be completely turn-out driven.
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October 2020 Newsletter

We were about to go to “press” with our October newsletter but pushed the pause button because President Trump was at Walter Reed Medical Center. In what is no doubt a very important moment in our history, let’s pray for the health of our President, the First Lady, and everyone who is affected by Covid-19.
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September 2020 Newsletter

The 2020 conventions are over, and I keep thinking to myself, “Thank God I’m a Republican!” As we saw last week, the differences between the GOP and today’s leftwing Democrat party are more stark than ever. The conventions last week highlighted the urgent need to vote Republican all the way down the ballot in this 2020 election. It was so encouraging to watch the GOP convention and to see so many everyday Americans speak about our conservative and traditional values. Our convention told the story of America’s great history and legacy. It demonstrated how America still is that “Great City on a Hill” and remains a beacon of freedom for people all over the world. In contrast, the Democrat convention was dark. While the Democrat party keeps drifting to the left and towards Socialism, our GOP is standing tall for freedom—freedom that kindles the entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom that has kept our country strong for 244 years! A vote for Republicans is a vote for freedom; it is a vote for personal responsibility; it is a vote for the rule of law; it is a vote for freedom of speech; it is a vote for free enterprise; it is a vote for freedom of religion; it is a vote for reduced federal regulation; it is a vote for limited taxes; it is a vote for energy independence; and, it is a vote for national security. There is a choice. As the Democrats turn their back on police and law enforcement and ignore or in some instances encourage the rioters nationwide, our Republican Party will always be the party of law and order so that all Americans have the freedom to walk the streets in safety and confidence. The conventions are over. It’s time to tell all our friends, “Thank God I’m a Republican!” and to GO VOTE!
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August 2020 Newsletter

All politics in 2020 is not only local, it is personal. Educating voters is key. People have to come to care about what the elections mean and how they affect them personally. Some 30,000 foot, simple examples include:
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July 2020 Newsletter

Governor Abbott pushed the pause button on reopening Texas, which no doubt was a very difficult decision for him to make. What the Governor did was hard and will be criticized. Covid-19 is not discerning in who it affects. We have seen over the last few weeks positivity rates spike in places where there were protests and other large gatherings, such as the 60,000 people protest that took place in Houston a couple of weeks ago.
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